Is Vidalista Effective In Treating Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

Vidalista has been making waves in the market as one of the most popular medications for erectile dysfunction in men. It is a generic brand of the PDE5 inhibiting drug Tadalafil, and it is also dubbed as Generic Cialis. We all know the basic facts about this medication. But we need to find out how effective this Generic brand in treating erectile dysfunction is.

If we want to determine the effectiveness of Vidalista, we need to check out the various parameters; such as safety, working mechanism, and many other features and conclude our opinion. 

How can Vidalista Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

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Let’s talk about the active ingredient present in the Vidalista 60 tablets, which is Tadalafil. The drug Tadalafil is the PDE5 inhibitor; that is also the active ingredient of the name medication for erectile dysfunction, Cialis. 

Tadalafil is present in Cialis as well as Extra Super Vidalista; so the same PDE5 inhibiting properties will be exhibited by both the medications.

Now that we have established some key facts about the property about the active ingredient; let’s look at its working mechanism.

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The Working of the PDE5 inhibiting drug – Tadalafil

Tadalafil for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men: 

Let’s dive into the biology of erections; and see how a PDE5 inhibiting drug is going to bring about erections in a physically unable to have them without medicine.

Biology of Erections

The first step to having an erection is stimulation or arousal in a man; and a man may be aroused by seeing his partner or being near his girlfriend or by having erotic thoughts. A man can be aroused by erotic literature and even moves; and also with physical stimulation such as touching and kissing. Many different ways promote sexual stimulation in a man’s mind.

What happens to Nervous System?

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When a man is thus sexually aroused, the brain sends a signal through the nervous system to the penile region; which induces nitric oxide production in that region. (The nervous system plays a vital role in bringing about an erection, and thus; people who have damaged nervous systems cannot have erections even if their sexual organs are outstanding.)

What Happens to Blood Vessels?

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The nitric oxide produced in the male organ region expands the blood vessels; that line the penile shaft of a man. And thus a surge of blood flows towards the penis; and it becomes erect and hard, just as required for having successful coitus.

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Healthy Men Vs Man with ED

This is what happens in the body of a healthy man ( a man who is not suffering from erectile dysfunction). But this process is hindered or disturbed in the men who have erectile dysfunction. 

Why ED happens?

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When a man who has erectile dysfunction is aroused; the brain sends a signal to the penile region to induce nitric oxide production. Such people still have the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzymes, which deplete the nitric oxide. This is why such men have weaker erections, while some men have no erections at all.

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Why Vidalista Useful for Erection Dysfunction?

When a person takes the drug Tadalafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor; it restricts the PDE5 enzyme due to which there is enough production of nitric oxide in the penile region. The blood vessels are well dilated to allow the flow of an adequate amount of blood; towards the penis for having erections.

The Tadalafil will bring about erections in the same way irrespective of the brand that it comes in.

Is Vidalista Safe to Use

Does Vidalista cause any other side-effects which may not occur with the use of Cialis?

YesVidalista is entirely safe for use; and it is a misconception among many people that Generic brands are not safe for use. Still, just to put it out there, generic brands are produced under controlled and monitored environments. After the production, they go through various trials, testing, and quality checks; and only when its safety and effectiveness is established will the drug be approved for sale. 

The active ingredient in both Vidalista and Cialis is Tadalafil; so there will be no other side-effects from the generic ones. However, if you are still doubtful, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist and get more details about it.

People in many countries use Vidalista for treating erectile dysfunction as a substitute for Cialis; because it does everything that the brand name medication does. Still, being a generic brand, this one is easy on their pockets.

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Is price a factor to consider?

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If we are buying medications for us, isn’t health non-negotiable?

Your good health should always be on the top of your priority list, we cannot stress this enough; but you must also know that you are not compromising with your health in any way; by buying Vidalista for your treatment. 

Generic medications are present and prevalent in the market for making health care and medications; more accessible for everyone, regardless of their financial state. 

Validity of Vidalista

Vidalista is a medication that is useful for treating erectile dysfunction, which you require to enjoy active sex life. The drug Tadalafil remains valid for as long as 36 hours.

If you are a man who regularly makes love to his partner, you will need to repeat the dosage. You might even consider using Tadalafil 05 mg as a daily treatment for your condition. Buying the brand name product for such frequent use; even when a must cost-effective option is available in the form of Vidalista, will burn a hole in your pockets.

Vidalista is the medication that you can use correctly as you may have used Cialis; the onset period, the hours of action it offers, and even its half-life is the same. But the difference is that Vidalista comes at a price range that is easily affordable by all types of people.

Thus we have established that Vidalista, the Generic Cialis works as fine as and brand name Tadalafil product; but is a much more budget-friendly option if you are planning to make a switch.

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