15 Aphrodisiac Foods For Men

Philters are related to specific events that excite erotic images. In this regard, gastronomy occupies a special place since it stimulates and provides nutrients that directly intervene in the body’s sexual response. On the other hand, although many aphrodisiac foods are useful for both men and women, some benefits one gender more than another. Thinking about this, we are sharing this article dedicated to male sexuality, where we tell you which are the most aphrodisiac foods for men and some recipes that you can prepare with them.

List of Best Aphrodisiac Foods For Men

Ginseng, maca, pollen, ginger and epimedium are excellent aphrodisiac food for men

Although they seem like ingredients taken from a magic potion, these plants, roots, and spices have real effects in increasing men’s desire and sexual potency. If you maintain a balanced diet and good lifestyle habits, these foods will give you the final push to keep a fulfilling sex life. Next, you will know all the benefits that each one brings to masculine vigor.


ginseng Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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This plant has a root generally used in conventional Asian drug, particularly as a male aphrodisiac. Ginseng increases nitric oxide production, thus facilitating the cavernous muscle’s relaxation and finally facilitating an erection. This natural medicine is top-rated in various parts of Asia; those who ingest it do so 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Bruise – Peruvian ginseng

The famous Peruvian ginseng grows in the center of the country, on the high plateaus of the Andes mountain range. In the past, the Incas used this tuber for their magical rituals, but today its root is widely used as medicine and especially as a natural aphrodisiac for men. Maca contains potent alkaloids (macamides) that regulate hormone levels and improve sexual energy. Also, this food is rich in zinc, a micronutrient that promotes fertility and increases the number of sperm.


pollen Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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Who would think that the work of bees favors human virility?

Well, yes, due to its many nutrients, pollen becomes not only a magnificent nutritional supplement but also a powerful aphrodisiac. Although this food serves both men and women as refreshing, it is especially beneficial for men since it improves libido, promotes fertility, and increases sperm production.

If we talk about sperm production, pollen provides essential nutrients necessary to produce the fluid that carries sperm: proteins, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, B vitamins, among others. The best way to ingest it? In grains, fasting, 30 minutes before breakfast.


ginger Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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The Zingier officinal, as rightly called this aromatic plant, applies to the people of turmeric and cardamom. This innovative stem is hugely valued in classical Asian medicine and world table due to its several qualities, including its potential as one of the aphrodisiac foods for men.

Ginger arouses male desire, both in the introduction and in the sexual act itself since its smell and taste evoke eroticism, increasing sexual desire. At the same time, physiologically, it improves circulation and the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, favoring the erection.

How about working this element in an exciting recipe? If you dare with the idea, we propose these two preparations, which will surely not keep you indifferent:

Ginger chicken

Pear and ginger inverted cake.


epimedium Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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This natural product is considered, perhaps, the most potent vegetarian sexual enhancer that exists, within the traditional oriental medicine, called by some: the “Chinese natural viagra.”

Epimedium stimulates the nervous system, especially the genital nerves, favoring desire and improving sexual performance.

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Guarana, chocolate, and coffee, powerful aphrodisiac food for men

This trio of popular natural drugs also has important philter qualities for men. Whichever of the three you choose will prolong and enhance the act of sex itself, as well as providing great introductions.


This exotic plant native to the Amazon has well-known stimulating effects, similar to coffee but slower and longer absorption.

However, Guarana is an excellent stimulant and a very effective aphrodisiac for men, as it contains guar nine, responsible for stimulating and increasing the male sexual appetite. Consequently, by consuming it, you can achieve a very long and successful night of passion.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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Chocolate for both of you! Although chocolate is one of the aphrodisiac foods for women, it is highly beneficial as a sexual invigorator for men. Yes, and all its power is summarized in three main factors, applicable at each stage of seduction:

  • Its aroma and flavor evoke images of comfort. The organoleptic properties of chocolate and cocoa work the same as a subjective placebo that predisposes you to desire.


oysters Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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In addition to being visually exciting for men, given its similarity to the female sexual organ, this shellfish tops the list of foods with the highest amount of zinc. Likewise, it offers other nutritional substances that directly intervene in the male physiological functions related to sexuality:

  • It improves testosterone production, as it contains zinc, aspartic acid, and aspartame.
  • It favors muscle contraction that helps regulate the sexual impulse due to zinc, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Boost your mood and libido because they are rich in phenylalanine (an amino acid).
  • They improve the production and quality of sperm due to its nutrients, especially zinc.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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Fish such as salmon, tuna, trout, herring, mackerel, and sardines contain large amounts of essential fatty acids like omega – 3, c impasto that increases sexual desire and improves erections.

A well-prepared fish can give you the tools for a very fiery night. The best idea is to complement it with other aphrodisiac foods for men, thus enhancing its power:


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The exotic avocado is a very exciting snack, both for its flavor and texture and its aphrodisiac properties, which pre-Hispanic men already appreciated. Among its benefits, we can highlight:

  • It improves erections and prolongs them because healthy fats activate blood circulation, keeping harmful cholesterol at bay.
  • Stimulates libido and increases energy recognition to the antioxidants produced by vitamin E.
  • It helps in the proliferation of sex hormones due to its contribution to vitamin C.
  • Stimulates and increases the contraction and leisure of the muscles, which supports the erection. Also, it increases body energy, prolonging sexual activity. All this is possible thanks to its contribution to vitamin D and healthy fats.


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Who would think that refreshing watermelon is highly aphrodisiac? Yes, this tropical delight not only hydrates but also provides plenty of lycopene, zinc, citrulline, and argentine. But what do these composites do for male passion?

  • Citrulline and argentine: both increase the production of nitric oxide, a substance that is responsible for relaxing blood vessels, extending and facilitating erections.
  • Lycopene: This substance supports the prostate and the heart.
  • Zinc: improves sperm quality and quantity. The watermelon part where the most significant amount of zinc is located in the seed provides 70% of the amount necessary for an adult (10 mg per 100 g of product).

Watermelon makes many desserts, each one more seductive and irresistible than the other, but did you know it also works for savory dishes? Yes, any of these recipes will make you a thousand:


peach Aphrodisiac Foods For Men
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This velvety fruit with an exquisite flavor also enhances male virility.

This food is rich in vitamin C and other essential compounds, which favor the prolongation of erections since it dilates the blood vessels and improves circulation. Also, it extends the life of the sperm.

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Lentils, one of the beneficial aphrodisiac foods for men

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The humble but super-nutritious lentils also make this list, as they are packed with zinc and folate. On the one deal, zinc improves libido, increases sperm condition, improves semen creation, and spares virility.

On the other game, foliate keeps the front of the roads clean, increasing construction.

Nuts that increase libido in men

Nuts that increase libido in men
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Although not as famous as chocolate and shellfish, nuts are also considered erection-enhancing foods in men. Much of the nuts’ aphrodisiac power comes from their healthy fatty acids. These substances promote blood circulation and keep cholesterol under control (it raises healthy cholesterol and reduces its opposite), essential factors for erections. In this combination of foods, the butternut (called natural Viagra), almonds, and hazelnuts reach out.

Causes of loss of male libido

Although there is a widespread myth that men are always willing to have sex, the truth is that this is not still the case. Several factors can reduce male sexual desire; here, we mention the main ones:

  • Physical appearance
  • Take drugs. Some medications for anxiety, depression, or advanced prostate cancer can lower testosterone levels and lower sexual desire. Fildena 100mg and Super P force treat ED problems. 
  • Face some diseases. Specific physical ailments can cause low libido, difficulty having sex, and low testosterone levels. Some disorders that impair male sexual life are lesions in the testicles or testicular cancer, problems in the brain’s glands, low thyroid function, infections, etc.
  • Obesity. This condition can predispose the body to have high-fat concentrations in the arteries’ walls, thus hindering circulation and negatively affecting erections. Also, this disease can affect the self-esteem of the individual negatively.
  • Andropause. This is the equivalent of female menopause. In this phase of life, sexual appetite declines, testosterone decreases, the number of sperm and its quality decreases, among other symptoms.
  • Decreased levels of testosterone in the blood. This factor causes a lack of sexual desire, problems achieving an erection, and a low sperm count.
  • Fatigue and stress. Overwork and a fast-paced lifestyle can lower sexual desire and also induce buildings.
  • The routine. Lack of imagination or initiative can create a spiral of boredom and low physical desire. That is why philter foods for men can play a crucial role and support your fan that spark.

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