How Home Gym Beats Your Gym Membership?

Putting money into your physical fitness can be expensive. You can choose to spend your money on flashy holdings, just like you do in the stock market, or stick to the basics—the things that have been proven to work repeatedly. You should probably be investing in physical fitness, right? It will benefit you greatly. But where to invest – home gym vs gym membership? Exercising in your place with home gym equipment is far better than a gym membership working out in a crowded place.

Is It Worth having Home Gym?

Staying in shape is expensive in terms of both money and time. Usually, a gym membership can cost anywhere from $30 to $150; it depends on your location and how many facilities you want.

You will need a few gym suits, a pair of training sneakers, and probably a gym bag to carry your water bottle and other essentials. Then there’s the cost of eating post-exercise meals following each workout.

If your gym is located a long distance from your home, you may have to spend 30 minutes driving back and forth to the nearest gym, followed by another 60 minutes working out. Physicians do not have that much time on their hands! And you don’t have that type of money while you’re living like a resident.

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What Are the Pros of Having a Home Gym When Not Choosing A Gym Membership?

There are several pros to having a home gym:

  • You save money by not spending your money on a gym membership.
  • Also, you save time by not commuting to and from the gym.
  • You won’t have to worry about gym hours that are inconvenient for you or unexpected closures.
  • You won’t have to face crowded gyms or wait for your turn.
  • Because your children follow what you do, it helps to stress the value of regular exercise in your household.
  • You improve your physical fitness, which could help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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Is Gym Equipment Expensive?

Gym equipment may be expensive, and there is equipment to choose from. Fortunately, there’s no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the equipment found at commercial gyms. Usually, stores provide discounts and sales on their fitness products, and stores like MYXfitness Discount Codes are the places where you can shop for affordable products for your home gym.

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How to Create a Budget-Friendly Home Gym?

When putting together home gym equipment, purchasing the essentials is crucial rather than equipment with many bells and whistles. We will focus on the equipment providing a good outcome in the shortest amount of time.

The bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press are essential training in a high-yield training program.

The following is the equipment you’ll need to perform the “Big 4” and the most other strength-training exercises:

  1. A squat stand or a power rack
  2. High-quality materials Barbell
  3. Weight Plates in a Stack

The Power Rack

How Home Gym Beats Your Gym Membership 1

It is the essential equipment in the gym, and this is the first piece of equipment you should spend your money on.

There are several distinct power racks, each with its features and attachments. Adding a pull-up bar to the top of the power rack is the icing on the cake.

The rack should hold roughly 1000 pounds and include hooks that are fixed to different heights. This type of power rack is between $500 and $1500. You can buy a Squat Stand if that is out of your budget. Squat Stands are a stripped-down version of a power rack without the frills.

You may still change them to allow you to complete the workout with your weights at different heights. It may cost between $200 and $400, and people use the best discount codes to shop for less price.


How Home Gym Beats Your Gym Membership 2

Many people believe that purchasing bow flex dumbbells is a wise purchase. Dumbbells should not be the priority gym equipment you buy, even if they look high-tech.

You will need a barbell. Compared to dumbbells, barbells have various advantages:

  1. You can load them with the weight.
  2. A barbell lets you lift more weight than a dumbbell.
  3. They take up little space that a complete pair of dumbbells would.

A good quality barbell costs anything between $100 and $300. It must be an Olympic barbell that can comfortably support 500 lbs. of weight and weigh 20kg/45lbs. You can buy a lighter Olympic Barbell of 35 lbs if you are a novice or a smaller person.


How Home Gym Beats Your Gym Membership 3

Weight plates are the last thing you need, and you need to purchase around 285 lbs. of weights. This could be the most expensive home gym equipment you may need when not investing in a gym membership.

Each plate should cost around $1.50 per pound, and this will be enough weight, to begin with and allow you to get a weight combination. Metal plates are the least expensive of all the weights available, and although they are incredibly robust, they may rust over time.

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Wrap Up

It should go without saying that your gym should be built where the floor can withstand big weights, for example, a basement or garage. You will be able to execute 80% of all the fitness without gym membership with the help of home gym equipment you will need if you only have the bare minimum mentioned above.

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