Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Oily skin needs a careful and regular care routine. Here is the best skincare routine for oily skin. Oily skin type can be confused with combination skin type from time to time due to its structure and properties. However, unlike the local lubrication in mixed skin types, people with oily skin types have a distinct oily and glowing appearance on their entire face.

Oily skin type is common, especially in young people. Because as age progresses, the rate of oil and sebum secreted by the skin tends to decrease. Sebum production is higher than average in oily skin. The skincare routine for oily skin aims to control sebum production without damaging the skin’s natural oil balance.

If the sebum production of the skin cannot be controlled, the oil residues accumulated in the pores can cause skin problems and pore appearance. With a correct and effective care routine, it is possible to balance the sebum production of oily skin types and prevent the appearance of shining.

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Sebum production is higher than normal skin. Excessive secretion of sebum combines with dirt, clogging pores and causing skin problems such as acne. Pores are wide, and blackheads are easily formed.

The reason for the overproduction of sebum is the loss of moisture in the skin. If the skin lacks moisture, our body begins to produce more sebum to fill this gap. It would help if you controlled sebum by moisturizing the skin and balancing the sebum secretion. After cleaning, you need to restore the lost moisture.

It is recommended that you avoid fatty foods such as chocolate, nuts, and fried foods.

What is Sebum?

Sebum is a secretion produced by the sebaceous glands found in every person’s skin and gives the skin softness.

  • When sebum production is in moderation, the skin maintains its elasticity by gaining a brighter appearance.
  • However, when sebum production occurs in excess, sebum secretion reaches the top layer of the skin.

The secretion destroyed by the bacteria in this layer may cause foul odors and an oily appearance on the skin. Balancing this production in the skin with excessive sebum production is one of the primary purposes of skincare routine for oily skin.

How Can I Know My Skin Type?

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You can find out your skin type with a simple test. Skin type is divided into dry, oily, and normal skin depending on how much sebum is secreted in which part of your skin. (Combination and sensitive skin can be added to this.)

When you come home in the evening, wash your face and wait 15-20 minutes without applying any product to your face.

  • If your face starts to shine, you have oily skin.
  • If you feel the tension on your face and this tension persists after half an hour, you have dry skin.
  • If your skin does not present any of the above symptoms, you have normal skin.
  • If you want to test your skin in more detail, you can click on the link below.

What are the Characteristics of Oily Skin Type?

One of the dermatologists in Islamabad says that People with oily skin have a distinct oily appearance on their entire face. In many people, the pores appear more extensive and more open.

Oil and dirt residues accumulated in the pores can cause skin problems such as acne, acne, and blackheads. Skin foundation may vomit in heavy skin make-up applications.

The natural oil balance of the skin can be damaged when incomplete or incorrect skincare routine for oily skin is applied.

In oily skin, signs of aging are less common than dry and sensitive skin. People with oily skin may find that their skin is often dirty or heavy.

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What should be done to Oily Skin?

It is necessary to apply a complete skincare routine for oily skin to look healthy, matte, and smooth. It is crucial to include products suitable for you skin and moisturize the skin regularly in this skincare routine for oily skin.

Every skin should be cleaned, cleansed, and moisturized every day. However, when it happens to oily skin, it is necessary to pay extra attention to skin cleansing to return the enlarged pores to their old appearance and to protect the health of the skin.

For a complete skincare routine for oily skin, help should be taken from facial cleansers, tonics, moisturizers, peeling products, and face masks.

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Maintenance Recommendations for Oily Skin

It is not right to use soap for oily skin. Many people think that when the skin is not cleaned adequately, it increases oil production.

However, more or less oil production of the skin is not directly related to skin cleansing. To keep the oil production in the skin in balance, it is necessary to clean the skin without drying it and without damaging the oil balance.

When the skin is frequently cleansed with soap and similar substances, the oil glands begin to produce more oil to remove the dryness that occurs on the skin. Therefore, in oily skin, the cleaning phase should be done by using products that do not damage the oil layer of the skin and do not dry the skin.

Another common misconception regarding oily skin is that the skin does not need moisturizing products because it is already oily. However, every skin, without exception, needs moisture supplements.

Only cleansing the skin and neglecting the moisturizing phase causes the skin to become drier and tense. For that cause, people with oily skin should not hinder the use of moisturizing products. However, when choosing moisturizers for oily skin, products containing intense oil should be avoided.

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What Should Be the Skincare Routine for Oily Skin?

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The skincare routine for oily skin needs can be summarized in four stages:

  • Cleansing the skin,
  • Balancing oil production,
  • Moisturizing the skin, and
  • Preventing the appearance of shine.

To fully implement these four steps, you can easily access all the care products you need through Sephora.

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How to Clean Oily Skin?

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Cleansing the skin regularly and effectively makes oily skin look more refreshed and clean. For that cause, it is crucial to choose cleansing gels and foams for oily skin.

  • First of all, regardless of skin type, every make-up lover should never disrupt make-up removal.
  • In addition to make-up removal, it is imperative to cleanse your skin twice a day, morning and evening, with the help of a cleanser suitable for your skin structure.
  • Skin cleansing products in Sephora allow you to purify your pores and remove all dirt and oil residue accumulated on your skin throughout the day without damaging your skin’s natural fat tissue.
  • However, an effective and complete skin cleansing does not end with using only facial cleansing products.
  • Tonics play a significant role in combating the appearance of pores, which is one of the biggest problems of oily skin. For oily skin, the tonic choice should be made for products that soothe and tighten the skin. Tonics are antiseptic lotions prepared using different formulas and ingredients. People with oily skin can use alcohol-containing tonics continuously or periodically. 
  • However, since using products with a high alcohol content continuously can dry the skin, the moisturizing phase should never be neglected. When you apply a tonic suitable for your skin structure after your facial cleansing product in every daily care routine, you can thoroughly cleanse your pores from residues and make your skin tighten and combat the appearance of the pore.

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How to Moisturize Oily Skin?

How to Moisturize Oily Skin
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For oily skin, moisturizers in cream, serum, and gel form are produced.

  • The moisturizers that oily skin should use should be products with a light structure and low oil content.
  • All moisturizing products in Sephora provide intense moisture and a mineral boost to your skin while providing a more fresh and clean feeling on your skin.
  • In addition to products that can be applied in the morning and evening, there are moisturizers grouped under two different headings: day and night cream.
  • The skin around your eyes is excessively delicate and thin. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful and careful when applying moisture to this area. Because the eye area gives away the signs of fat, shine, fatigue, and old age much more clearly compared to other parts of the face.
  • If you wish, you can choose suitable products for all areas of the face or add moisturizers prepared only for your eye area to your skincare routine for oily skin.

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Using Masks and Peels for Oily Skin

Using Masks and Peels
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  • Daily skincare routine for oily skin consists of cleansing, purifying, and moisturizing the skin.
  • However, face masks and peeling products are necessary aids used to support daily skincare routine for oily skin. It is crucial to use peeling for oily skin.
  • Your skin renews itself approximately every 24 hours. This renewal process causes dead cells to accumulate in the upper layer of your skin. When dead cells are not removed from the skin, the probability of pore appearance and skin problems increases.
  • Peeling products allow you to purify the dead cells on your skin with the particles they contain.
  • The vast majority of face masks prepared for oily skin prevent blackheads, tightening the skin and purifying pores.
  • With face masks that you can use 1-3 times a week, you can accelerate the regeneration process of your skin and make a more effective skin cleansing.

You can quickly determine your favorites among the care products available at Sephora and suitable for use with oily skin, and you can turn your skincare routine for oily skin into a much more effective and enjoyable process.

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