How can Corona virus impact your sexual health?

The Corona virus spread from Wuhan in China has reached 150 countries so far, and over 6010 people have died. Over 16,000 people have been affected as the number of patients infected with the Corona virus is regressing. In the same way, many kinds of questions are being raised about this in people’s minds. One such question is spinning the minds of people. How Does Corona virus Impact Your Sexual Health? Does sex or what spreads the Corona virus?

Come, know what the sexual health expert/sexologist in Jaipur says about this question.

Does Corona Virus Impact Your Sexual Health?

Does the person come in contact with Corona virus?

Doctors or specialists say that Coronavirus is contagious and can spread while coming in contact with the infected person. The contagious disease can spread depending on four things.

  • The first instance is your proximity to the infected person; how close you have been with the patient.
  • Subsequently, if there is a drop on you while the other person is coughing or sneezing.
  • Third, you are placing your hands on your face.
  • Fourth, how healthy you are or how old you are, because the immune system of older people is not right; because it makes them fast prey.

Symptoms for Corona Virus:-

  • After contacting the human body, the Corona virus damages their lungs. We can see the symptoms after this with fever, followed by a dry cough. Later on, the patient may face the problem of breathing.
  • The ordinary course of this infection to activate is for five days when the virus infection appears. However, scientists say that its symptoms may be seen much later for some people. 
  • World Health Organization (WHO) says there may be up to 14 days between the time the virus reaches the body; and shows symptoms. Some researchers believe that this time can also be up to 24 days.
  • Corona virus is spread more than the body of people who have low immunity and are prone to infection. However, according to research at various labs throughout the world; this virus is believed to dangerously spread without even showing any symptoms or effects.
  • The symptoms of the viruses are similar to those of colds and flu; hence can lead to confusion and ultimately can do more prominent harm.

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How can Corona Virus impact your sexual health?

For the growing havoc of the Corona virus; there has been confusion in most people that sex or kissing will spread the virus?

According to the World Health Organization, Corona virus is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But having sex with an affected person can put you at risk of Corona virus.

It means that if you have sex or kiss a person suffering from Corona virus; or come in contact with him, it will spread.

According to the Health Expert; a person suffering from cold-cough doesn’t have to have corona, but it is vital to take precautions. Because you do not know which person is having a corona attack in their body. Therefore, do not get any confusion in your mind without medical examination or doctor’s advice.

If you feel that Corona virus have an impact your sexual health; go to the best sexologist as soon as possible, and get your checkup done.

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If you have any problems related to sexual health, then you must contact them.

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How Dangerous is the Corona Virus?

While comparing the mortality statistics of corona virus infection, the number of people killed is dramatically meager. Although we cannot completely trust these reports, even if we consider the data; it is believed that the mortality rate for Covid-19 infection is only 1-2%.

According to the Health Organization, Corona virus impacts your sexual health.

Thousands of people infected with Covid-19 has been treating in many countries, and the death toll may increase.

A World Health Organization(WHO) study based on information collected about 168,000 infected people states that; 6% of people became ill because of this virus. These included

  • Failure of lungs,
  • Septic shock,
  • Failure of organs, and
  • Risk of death.

We can see severe signs of the infection like breathing problems; speeding up breathing in only 14 percent of the people. While 80% of patients only showed minor symptoms of infection, such as fever and cough.

Vulnerable people like old age people, children, and those already suffering from; respiratory disease (asthma), diabetes, and heart disease are more likely to be affected by coronavirus infection.

The doctors have formulated Corona virus’s treatment with the crux to help the patients have normal breathing; and improve the immunity system of individuals to fight against the virus without any medication.

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Corona virus prevention advice:-

If you contact an infected person, you can be advised to stay away from others for a few days.

The Public Health Department of England has said that if you think you are infected; you must not go to a doctor, pharmacy, or hospital. Besides, seeking information on the phone or online from the health workers in their area.

Those who have traveled or have been mobile to nearby states or even to other countries are advised to quarantined; or separate themselves and stay away from others for a few days.

Some countries have also taken steps; like closing school colleges and canceling public meetings in their own countries to avoid this virus.

The World Health Organization has also issued instructions on how to take care of the people infected by the virus; and precautions need to be taken by the ordinary people to prevent front he infection.

As soon as any person sees infection symptoms, It is essential to contact their local healthcare officer or employee. Whoever has come in contact with the corona virus-infected person in the past will be investigated.

The Health Service Officer will test all patients arriving at the hospital with flu (colds and breathlessness) symptoms.

It would help if you stayed quarantined until the test results are out and keep yourself away from others.


World Health Organization informs that the Corona virus COVID 19, including India, Britain, and the United States, has spread to over 150 countries of the world and has resulted in over six thousand deaths.

According to the World Health Organization, 168,000 cases of infection have been confirmed worldwide.

It affects your health. Even in sexual life, it can cause problems. If you find any problem in your sexual life, then you should go to the best sexologist. IASH is the best sexual treatment clinic in Jaipur.

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