Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment (between the 8-10 ages)

Below we have shared the benefits of early orthodontic treatment and taking your child to kids’ specialist orthodontists as early as possible. Many parents believe having cavities as a child with milk teeth is expected, but it is not true.

Cavities and tooth decay can lead to severe oral problems for children. It can cause severe pain, infections, affect speech, permanently affect jaw development, and negatively impact the child’s nutrition.

However, parents should not be worried because pediatric dental specialists are available to help. Dentists and orthodontists can help take care of a child’s oral health, but they suggest parents start treatments as early as possible. They recommend visiting a general dentist after children turn one and an orthodontist when they turn 7.

What are the benefits of early orthodontic treatment? But before that, let’s understand orthodontic treatments better.

Understanding Early Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment (Between The 8-10 Ages) 1

Some parents become worried when they are asked to get their child to see an orthodontist. However, it shouldn’t be the case because early orthodontic treatment can help identify dental abnormalities at an early stage.

An early orthodontist treatment takes place before getting braces, which means between the age bracket of 8 and 10. During the treatment, an expert orthodontist will be able to identify and treat numerous orthodontic problems in the children, such as:

  • protruding teeth
  • crowding
  • spacing
  • missing teeth

It is easy to manipulate the teeth and jaws of a child while they are 8-10 years old. So, since the treatment takes place at an early stage, it will allow the orthodontist to treat problems before they become severe.

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How to know if a child needs orthodontic treatment?

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Several symptoms can indicate that your child is suffering from oral health care issues.

Keeping a close eye on these symptoms and indicators can help you decide when to take your child to an orthodontist.

Here are the ten most common symptoms your child should visit a pediatric dental specialist.

You should take your child to an expert orthodontist if they:

  1. have protruding front teeth
  2. have chewing or biting problems
  3. suffer from a snoring problem
  4. have speech problems
  5. experience the loss of baby teeth before turning five
  6. are constantly breathing through the mouth and not the nose
  7. have a thumb sucking habit even after turning six
  8. have developed severe cavities, causing health problems
  9. suffer from teeth crowding problem (you won’t be able to see it until the problem gets worse)
  10. suffer from jaw shifting or moving when they open/close their mouth

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What does an orthodontist do during an early examination?

During the early examination, an orthodontist thoroughly examines the child’s oral cavity. By the time of early treatment, children have developed permanent molars.

So, it allows the orthodontist to determine if the child is developing a bad bite, also known as malocclusion.

Besides molars, children have also developed incisors by this time. So, the orthodontist can also look for other dental problems, such as:

  • crowding
  • deep bites
  • crossbites
  • open bites

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What is the average age to get braces?

Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment (Between The 8-10 Ages) 2

Getting braces between 10-15 years of age can help deal with tooth irregularities and is considered the average age to get braces.

During this age, children’s gums are still soft; therefore, easily moveable, making teeth alignment more manageable than ever.

According to oral health care experts, you should take your child to an orthodontist once they are seven years old.

Only an orthodontist can decide if your child needs braces or not. Moreover, they also decide what type of braces are suitable for each child. Some common types of braces are:

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Invisalign or Invisible Braces

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Who Can Get Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment works best for kids whose jawbones are still soft and developing. 10-15 years of age is perfect for tooth and gum correction procedures. Below, we have shared the top benefits of getting early orthodontic treatment.

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Top 9 Benefits of Getting Early Orthodontic Treatment

While your child’s teeth may appear healthy, they may have some underlying tooth problems. Here are the top 9 benefits of visiting a pediatric orthodontist at an early age. 

1. Avoid Tooth Decay

Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment (Between The 8-10 Ages) 5

Children can suffer unnecessary tooth decay due to misaligned teeth.

Due to misaligned teeth, they can also have trouble cleaning their teeth, and usually, food gets stuck in such tough spots.

When food gets stuck between misaligned teeth, it makes it a hard-to-reach place while brushing and flossing.

Due to this, the teeth around the stuck food will develop more bacteria, plaque, and cavities. As a result, the teeth that become victims of plaque will lead to decay. So, with the help of an early examination, you can prevent the teeth from decaying.

2. Get Healthier Gums

Due to bad oral hygiene, children can develop several tooth and gum diseases. The most common gum disease is gingivitis. It can cause the gums to bleed, swell, and look puffy. Usually, it develops due to misaligned teeth and poor dental care, causing the plaque to convert into tartar. With the help of an early dental assessment, an orthodontist can detect these problems and solve them before they become severe.

3. Relief from Headaches or Earaches

Between The 8-10 Ages 6

Some children complain of having frequent headaches or earaches. Parents should take them to a dentist immediately because it can be due to a more serious underlying problem.

Most kids have headaches because their jaw or teeth are misaligned and not properly bite their food. It can cause muscle strain, which affects the ears and head, too.

An expert orthodontist can help get rid of these nasty headaches and improve your child’s bite. Oral care from a young age can correct overbite, crossbite, underbite, and other similar problems in children and teens.

4. Enhanced Speech

Sometimes your children may have a speech defect that you think they are born with. However, more often than not, these defects can be easily corrected if they are due to a misaligned jaw or teeth. However, you have to take your child to an orthodontist while the jaw is still soft.

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5. Better Oral Hygiene

Better oral hygiene from a young age will ensure a better prognosis of how your permanent teeth will look like.

6. No Thumb Sucking and Tongue Thrusting

Pediatric oral care from a young age can also help your child get rid of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting habits. If these habits remain with your child, they can damage the pattern of their jaw and disturb its growth pattern.

7. More Space for Permanent Teeth

Between The 8-10 Ages 4

Early orthodontic treatment and braces like palate expanders can make the upper jaw wider to make space for permanent teeth.

Palate expanding braces can quickly move the jaw for children because their jaw is still soft.

Using palate expanders ensures that the teeth are not crooked and the jaw is not narrow.

8. Straighter Teeth

It lessens the risk of damage to the teeth that are popping out, and they come out perfectly straight and healthy. As a result, there will be no teeth crowding.

9. A Picture-Perfect Smile

The early orthodontist treatment also makes sure that your child has a beautiful smile. It gives them a confidence boost while ensuring good oral health.

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Final Verdict

Your children need early orthodontic treatment as much as any teenager or adult. It would be best to take your child to an orthodontist after his first or second birthday. Early orthodontic treatment can do wonders for your child’s oral health and has many benefits. So, start caring for your child’s oral health before it’s too late.

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