The Hidden Side Effect Of Lip Injection You Should Know

On a less popular note, however, it has recently been discovered that pumping with lip injection has some hidden side effects. Most people are unaware that by repeatedly maximizing the lips, enlarging them as much as possible, the filler can become a tissue expander, causing permanent stretching to the skin and leaving the lips sagging and deflated when the filler finally degrades.

Eventually, many are left in worse shape than the beginning. Since this isn’t a widespread complication or risk – such as a terrible lump, bruising, or swelling – practitioners do not usually explain the latent long-term side effects to patients.

In the case of experiencing loose lips caused by continuous over inflation, the only solution is to undergo lip reduction surgery. This would involve trimming off the excess skin, which may leave major scars.

Why you must use Lip Injection?

From the latest introduction of smarter injectable lip fillers, the increasing number of beauty doctors advertising themselves on social media, to the several upgrades of the global beauty standards, it is evident that the “Big Lips” trend is officially everywhere. But then, why exactly are we obsessed with this trend? The thing is full, and fine lips tend to make a person’s appearance seem more youthful and improve the appearance and application of makeup. Moreover, who doesn’t find pillowy lips to be just plain sexy in IRL and selfies?

How big is too big?

When it comes to lips and using lip injection, it’s good to know the limits of inflation. Although this would depend on an individual’s anatomy, a right surgeon or dermatologist – with a sense of restraint and a keen eye – will, however, be able to examine the possible space available in your lips and do the filling accordingly. This would be a great advantage, considering that it appears that the ability of patients to judge well will be affected by fuller-than-full pouts, which are overwhelmingly ubiquitous.

As specialists, we receive several millennials who visit us for lip filling and say that they desire a ‘natural look,’ but then we are shown pictures of lips that have been fully injected. A lot of these are ubiquitous on the internet, and they are starting to look normal. It’s quite saddening that it causes youths to see their own perfectly shaped lips as too small when compared.

In fairness, Kool-Aid is not being consumed by millennials alone. A 65 years old woman holds the record for the most highly used lip injection we have ever heard of. Following the recommendation of another doctor to get her lip injected every four months, the woman went to the practitioner’s office every quarter for her fill-up. When she visited, she was advised professionally that her lips were already pumped enough, and in fact, she should be contemplating having a lip reduction. It was unsafe to have continued injecting them as that could compromise blood flow to the area.

The doctor recollects that the woman’s lips “were so firm and tight – and injecting would have been contrary to their medical judgment.  Misinformation and trends can be very influencing”.

Do not get us wrong; we are not at all against lip augmentation. It is one of our favorite treatments, and we are very good at providing the best results for patients. We use the latest lip-specific injectable substance (hyaluronic acid gel) to achieve the best results when maximizing lips without putting excessive volume, smoothing out good lines, and crisping the edges.

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Hidden Side Effects Of Lip Injection

The Hidden Side Effect Of Lip Injection You Should Know
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Necrosis is unarguably the most severe hidden side effect of lip injection. Necrosis, which translates to “tissue death,” can be caused by unexpected outcomes during dermal lip filler. Although necrosis can occur as soon as the fillers are injected, it can also manifest with a delayed onset due to expansion and swelling of the filler. The primary cause of injury can involve direct damage to the tissue due to radiation, chemical or physical properties, or a supplying blood vessel blockage, which hinders the tissue from getting essential nutrients and oxygen.

Below are signs associated with necrosis because of lip injection:

  • Extreme pain may be dulled at first if the anesthetic gel is applied to the injected area.
  • Prolonged blanching: this occurs as a result of a decrease in blood supply, leading to the lip injection area looking dusky, white, or very pale.
  • Purple discoloration: this usually happens a couple of hours after filler lip injection, when the tissue is already dead.
  • Coolness: the obstruction of blood supply leads to the reduction of the tissue temperature. This symptom is, however, one that does not manifest immediately after the treatment is carried out.

It is quite a complicated procedure to treat necrosis. Only specialists who have received adequate training and have access to required medication and products will be able to effectively treat the issue. The failure to treat necrosis as soon as possible can result in disfigurement and permanent scarring.

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This is another hidden and too severe, but very uncommon, complication of lip injection. The underlying mechanism of blindness is related to that of necrosis. It occurs when lip filler is improperly injected and, as a result, obstructs a blood vessel that links to the central retinal artery. This occlusion leads to loss of vision, and treatment must be prescribed in 1 hour to 1 hour, 30 minutes to prevent permanent blindness.

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In all, pumped lips, when correctly done lip injection, can produce unique aesthetic features. However, you must get an industry-approved practitioner who will willingly explain all the risks involved and examine the practicality of your lip goals if required.

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