4 Ways How to Lower High Heart Rate

This article will reveal the critical facts that are the reasons for the high heart rate. Heart rate refers to the heartbeat numbers that a person has every minute. You can also call it a pulse. It is believed that a lower resting heart indicates good health. When you visit your doctor, they check the pulse rate by placing the middle and index finger side by side on the neck and below the jawbone edge. You can also count them as counting them in 30 seconds and multiply by it 2.

6 Causes of High Heart Rate

The best heart specialists in Islamabad reveal that every heartbeat occurs from the specialized muscle known as myocytes. These cells need more oxygen during physical activity, such as exercise, walking, etc. it makes the brain send messages to the heart to cause more frequent pulses.

Here are some causes that you need to learn about.


During the high temperature, your body needs to do more work than usual. Studies reveal that the body works harder to cool itself down, and as a result, our body organs work hard, which leads to a high heart rate. It usually happens when the humidity and temperature are high.


Stress is harmful to your overall body and can leave adverse effects. Emotional stress can trigger your heartbeat that leads to a high heart rate. When you are stressed, then your body releases adrenaline. It is a hormone that speeds up breathing and heart rate. It can also rise in high blood pressure.

Exercise – Physical Activity

During exercise, your body may require more than four times the average cardiac output. It happens because your body muscles need more oxygen. To get more blood out of your body, you get a high heart rate during exercise.

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Hormonal changes

Analysis has confirmed that hormone fluctuations can cause high heart rates temporarily. Women often experience this condition during menopause, pregnancy, etc. It happens because heart palpitations are a direct result of the lower level of the women’s hormone estrogen. A sudden drop in the production of the hormone may result in a high heart rate.

Sudden Change in Body Position

Some people often experience high heart rates when they rapidly change their body’s position. For example, if you are sitting and standing up rapidly, it may increase the high heart rate.

Prescription Drugs

Some prescription drugs can cause high heart rates temporarily. Other drugs do the same to your body. Researchers say that cocaine is the most potent stimulant drug that can lead to high blood pressure and disrupts the heart’s electrical signals.

The causes mentioned above involve the temporary high heart rate. Some common causes can make you experience an increased heart rate in the long term.

  • When you smoke tobacco products
  • When you consume alcohol in excess
  • Also, when you are a patient with high blood pressure
  • When you use prescription drugs for long term
  • Now, it’s time to reveal the best tips for high heart rates.

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4 Powerful Tips to Lower Your High Heart Rate

4 Ways How To Lower High Heart Rate

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is another one of the leading causes of high heart rate. It happens because your heart needs to work harder to stabilize your blood flow. Caffeine-free beverages can help you to maintain your heart rate.

Go with a balanced diet

Healthy food is crucial for your overall body as it provides essential nutrients. A varied diet in nuts, veggies, fruits, etc., can improve heart health. Add food to your daily diet that is rich in antioxidants because it lowers blood pressure and makes the heart pump job easy. Heart-friendly foods include green vegetables, citrus fruits, coffee, fish, nuts, grains, legumes, etc.

Get quality sleep

When you do not get enough sleep, it puts stress on your overall body and makes you tired. Make sure that you go with quality sleep.

Maintain a healthy weight

Studies explain that extra fat puts stress on your body and increases the chance of many physical issues, such as heart disease, stroke, etc. After every walk, you need to go for a walk and count your calories and how much you intake.

Final Thought

A temporary high heart rate against any physical activity is quite normal. If you experience it more often, it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Choose healthy lifestyle choices to prevent heart-related issues.

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