Best Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Nowadays, we can see that a few people are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. As a result, they have symptoms like nervousness, agitation, tension, a racing heart, and chest pain. These are the most common symptoms of mental health issues. There are about 18% of people in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders every year. An overactive thyroid is another health issue that can cause an anxiety disorder. That’s why it becomes vital for you to get the proper diagnosis. When you get an accurate diagnosis, make sure that you are getting the best treatment. In this article, you can learn about multiple natural and home remedies and best ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Best Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Natural remedies are very safe to use. These can work as the treatment of stress and anxiety. Otherwise, if you want, you can change your diet schedule. Besides, taking natural supplements can also make your job done. But the best way you need to follow is to take practical suggestions from doctors by consulting with them. It will be advantageous to you for sure. 


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Regular exercise can help you to get rid of mental health issues by reducing anxiety and stress levels. Usually, we have a busy life schedule. But we should include exercising in our life schedule as a regular habit. It is a crucial thing that helps to combat stress. You may find it contradictor, but you can get rid of your mental stress for sure if you practice exercising daily. It will give you the utmost benefits. People who have a habit of regular exercise don’t suffer from anxiety and stress. Do you know what the advantages that you can get by practicing exercises regularly are? Here are the benefits that you can get by doing exercise regularly.

Stress hormones:

When you will exercise daily, it helps to reduce the stress hormones. Cortisol is an example of the stress hormone that can be decreased by doing exercise daily. Besides, exercising assists in releasing endorphins (chemicals that assist in improving your mood). Here, it acts as natural painkillers.


You can find many people suffering from stress and can’t get proper sound sleep. By doing exercise regularly, you can enjoy a sound sleep. Therefore, you can get rid of stress quickly.


If a person is dealing with too much stress, he Or she will not get much confidence in any work. Exercising can be beneficial in this case, as it will make you feel more competent and confident. It also helps to improve your mental condition. For this, what you only need to do is to create an exercise routine and then practice the activities like walking, dancing, rock climbing, or yoga regularly.  Walking, jogging are very beneficial for those people who want to get a healthy and active body. It helps to relieve stress.

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Consider supplements

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Taking supplements can be a sensible and one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Want to know about the supplements? Let’s have a look at these names. Here, we have given a few familiar names of supplements. 

Lemon balm:

This supplement is a member of the mint family. It is famous for its anti-anxiety effects. 

Omega-3 fatty acids: 

According to a study report, we learned that the persons who took omega-3 supplements experienced a 20% decrease in anxiety symptoms.


It is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. People use it to treat stress and anxiety. A few studies say that this supplement is beneficial. 

Green tea:

This supplement consists of many polyphenol antioxidants that offer a lot of health benefits. It is one of the best ways that helps to reduce stress and anxiety by increasing serotonin levels.


It is one of the supplements that is famous for its tranquilizing effect. Valerian has valeric acid that can alter the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors to decrease stress and anxiety. 

Kava kava:

We know this supplement as a psychoactive member of the pepper family. It has excellent use in the South Pacific. Recently, its usage has increased in Europe and the US to treat mild stress and anxiety. But while using these supplements, what you must need to do is to consult with doctors first. As these have a few side effects, taking recommendations from doctors is essential for you.

Light a candle

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When both supplements and exercise are doing their jobs, you can also follow this one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety from your brain. Using a light candle can be useful in this case, as it can quickly decrease your anxiety. However, you can also use a few scents. Here, we name a few scents. 

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Bergamot
  • Neroli
  • Sandalwood
  • Orange blossom

The process that you use to treat your mood by using scents is known as aromatherapy. We got to know several studies that aromatherapy is advantageous in decreasing anxiety and improving sleep. 

Reduce caffeine intake

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It is one type of stimulant. We can find these in coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. But if you take high doses, it will boost anxiety for sure. Different people have different capacities, and according to their capacity, the caffeine depends on that. However, if you find the caffeine is not suitable for your body or make you more anxious, don’t use it. 

If you want to take it daily, five or fewer cups per day can be beneficial in this case. People who are sensitive to coffee should not take it. 

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Join a yoga class

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Practicing yoga is an excellent way to get relief from stress. Along with exercising, you can join a yoga class too. It is recommended for every age of people. A lot of yoga styles are there that you can follow. The main target of yoga is to connect your body and mind. It helps to boost the body as well.

According to a few study reports, yoga can fall ap significant impact on mental health. Researchers say that if someone practices yoga daily, it will improve the person’s mood. When this comes to treating stress and anxiety, it can be as effective as antidepressant drugs.

However, yoga helps to decrease anxiety, but it is still unknown to us how yoga usually works to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga that is beneficial for stress and anxiety has a significant impact on our nervous system.

Yoga can assist in reducing the level of cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rate. And it also helps to boost the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It is called a neurotransmitter. Yoga can reduce the stress hormones in our body.

Practice mindfulness

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We need to enjoy every moment in our life. It is mindfulness that helps us to do so. Mindfulness can help you not to think about any negative thing or aspect. If you want to boost your mindfulness, you can follow these processes: mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga, and meditation.

According to the latest research from some college students, we learned that it enhances self-esteem, which further reduces anxiety and depression.

Chew gum to reduce stress and anxiety

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Trying to chew a stick of gum is an easy and quick way to get stress relief. Sometimes, this method becomes very useful in this case. According to a study, people who tried to chew gum for reducing anxiety got great help from it. According to some people, chewing a piece of gum can maintains blood flow to our brain. However, one study report also said that chewing gum was the best way to relieve stress and anxiety. 

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Spend time with friends and family

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When we got into trouble or feel depressed, we need our dearest ones’ support at first. Sometimes, we can’t share all our feelings with our family members. Friends are the ones with whom we become more comfortable. They assist us in overcoming our stressful times.

When you contact your friends, you can share your feelings with them, and it can help you gradually to feel better in tough times. According to a few studies, a natural stress reliever named oxytocin is released in the women’s body when they spend precious time with their friends and children. We know this effect by the name of “tend and befriend.”

A fight-or-flight response is the opposite of it. It doesn’t matter whether it is men or women as both get benefits from friendship. From another study, we know that men and women who don’t have proper social connections can suffer from depression and anxiety. 

Laugh – one of the cheapest ways to reduce stress and anxiety

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No one can feel anxious when he or she is laughing. Laughing is vital for those who are in deep depression. Everybody should laugh as it is right for your health. Here, we have given a few benefits that you can get by laughing.

  • It helps to relieve the stress symptoms.
  • Reduces tension by relaxing the muscles. 
  • It also helps to improve the immune system and mood.

The researchers of cancer have said that people who laugh more will get a great stress relief experience for sure. For this, you can watch funny TV shows or go hang out with friends. Try to find humor in your life and enjoy your day full of happiness.

Learn to avoid procrastination

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It is one of the best ways to control your stress level. Procrastination doesn’t fall a good impact on health and sleep quality. You only need to make a must-to-do list according to the priority set-up by you. And try to make your works done as regular, don’t shift your today’s work to the next day. It is because this can increase the stress level. 

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Things like cuddling, kissing, hugging, and sex is beneficial in this case, as these are very useful in relieving stress. When you come in positive physical contact with your partner, it will release oxytocin and decrease cortisol level. It also assists in minimizing blood pressure and heart rate.

Listen to music to reduce stress and anxiety

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Music is a great stress reliever. Many people prefer to listen to music in terms of relieving their stress. When you listen to slow-paced instrumental music, it will help induce the relaxation response of lower blood pressure, heart rate, stress hormones, etc. 

There are a few classical, Celtic, Native American, and Indian music that can help you in this case. Nature sounds are very calming. These are useful in reducing stress and anxiety. 

Deep breathing also helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Deep breathing also helps
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At the time of “fight-or-flight” mode, stress hormones are exerted from our body’s glands. Due to this, you may need to experience a faster heartbeat, quicker breathing, constricted blood vessels, and other physical symptoms. Deep breathing can be advantageous in this case as it helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This nervous system operates all the relaxation response.

Here, we have given a few types of deep breathing exercises that follow:- diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, belly breathing, and paced respiration. In these cases, you need to practice taking a slower and in-depth breath. While thou will take a slow deep breath, your lungs will expand ultimately. At the time, it will slow down the heart rate. 

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Spend time with your pet

Spend time with your pet
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We all know that dog is our best pet friend. However, you can choose other animals also like a cat and spend time with them. People who spend most of the time with pets have seen deduction in stress levels and also got improvement in their mood.

When you interact with your pet, it will help to release oxytocin. It exerts from the brain that it has a festive mood. When you spend time with your pet, it helps to relieve stress.

Pets can offer the utmost love and support to their owners. As per the 2018 research details, having pets is advantageous, helping to combat mental health issues. It doesn’t matter which animal you prefer. As many people have allergies to individual animals like cats, dogs, and other small mammals, therefore they can choose pets as their preferences. And spend time with them.

Looking at the 2015 study, you will know that it will help improve psychological health in older people. A study report of 2015 suggested that if we spend time with horses, it will help you get rid of these effects.

Writing – convenient way to reduce stress and anxiety

Writing - convenient way
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The most convenient way to relieve stress is writing. If you like to write blogs, articles, website blogs, etc., you can choose this method. It is a sensible and one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. According to a research report, we have to know that doing journalisms and other writing types can help you cope with stress and anxiety. A 2016 study shows that children and teens can get rid of anxiety by doing creative writing.

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Time management strategies

Time management strategies
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A few people become more anxious when they need to make many commitments at once. A person can feel irritating if they have responsibilities of family, work, and other activities. So, it would help if you took the necessary action to keep the anxiety away. However, a few people take too much stress when they cannot complete the project work of their office.

If you have a proper time management strategy, you can easily focus on one task at a time. Online calendars can be advantageous in this case.

Aromatherapy – effective way to reduce stress and anxiety

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If you want to reduce stress and anxiety, then smelling soothing plant oils is one of the best and an effective ways. There are many scents in the market. Try to experiment with the preferable one and buy the best one to relieve stress.

Lavender is beneficial here. In 2012, this scent was tested in 67 women aged 45 years to 55 years. According to the results, aromatherapy helps decrease the heart rate for some period and solve sleep issues. 

Cannabidiol oil

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We get CBD oil from the cannabis and marijuana plant, known as Cannabidiol oil. This oil doesn’t have tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC. It is available in the readymade condition in many healthcare stores. Even it doesn’t need any prescription from doctors. Researchers say that it has a significant impact on decreasing anxiety and panic.

Herbal teas to reduce stress and anxiety

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Herbal teas are advantageous, as it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. A few people think that if they take tea, it will give them more benefits than Herbal teas. But it isn’t true.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements
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You can use herbal supplements like herbal teas, which also has excellent usages in reducing anxiety. We have got the proof of it too.

You can consult with doctors who are experts in herbal supplements before taking the supplements. 

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Other treatment ways to reduce stress and anxiety

Other treatment ways to reduce stress and anxiety
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You can take the help of therapies as well. If you are suffering from a thyroid problem, then the most effective way you need to choose is therapy. When you undergo any treatment, it will help you understand why you become anxious. Therapy is beneficial in terms of offering a positive and healthy lifestyle and to overcome trauma.

CBT, known as cognitive behavioral therapy, is the best effective therapies for anxiety. It is helpful for generalized anxiety and other anxiety-related issues. However, medication is the best way for a person to manage chronic stress. 


In this article, you will get to know how depression, anxiety, and stress can affect your life. We have given a few solutions that can help you get rid of this situation. By following these methods, you can get relief from the stress for sure. Yoga, music, exercising- all are helpful ways to reduce stress and anxiety levels. 

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