What To Expect From An Oncologist?

An oncologist is a physician that specializes in cancer and its treatment. The practice of oncology has three different major areas, namely medical, surgical, and radiation.

The type of oncologist assigned to a patient will depend on their treatment plan because this practice is highly nuanced.

Patients and their families or caregivers should have an open line of communication with their oncologists so they can have a clear picture of their condition and the treatment options available.

Different Types of Oncologists

A medical oncologist handles cancer treatments that involve the use of medications, such as immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or chemotherapy. They are responsible for determining how soon the treatment should start and how many cycles or how long the chemotherapy will take.

They may also prescribe supplementary medication to help the patient prepare and get ready for the treatment they will be undergoing.

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Meanwhile, a surgical oncologist operates on the patient to physically remove as many cancer cells as possible. It may mean removing specific organs, such as a breast, a section of the colon, the uterus, or whatever other part cancer might have spread to.

They are also primarily responsible for ordering and carrying out biopsies to verify the diagnosis of cancer. On the other hand, a radiation oncologist is a doctor who takes care of radiation therapy, a very high target method of eradicating cancer cells through the use of radiation.

These are other types of oncologists, each dedicated to a particular aspect or location of cancer. Seek help from an oncologist Orange County-located at the soonest possible time to get the proper treatment for your condition.

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