Ten Inexpensive Solutions for Sinus Problems

Here, we have listed 10 inexpensive solutions for sinus problems. We’ve all been there at some time or another, and usually at an inopportune time, maybe mid-way through that important meeting or interview, a movie theatre, or during prayer time at church. That feeling you get when you feel a sneeze coming on, your eyes start watering, and your nose is leaking like a drippy faucet. You are trying relentlessly NOT to sneeze, so of course, you sneeze numerous times in a row. Or, When your nose is stuffed so full, you sound like Darth Vader and have an important conference call in two minutes. Just merely wearing your glasses makes your face hurt. These situations are awkward, to say the least; they are uncomfortable, unprofessional, exhausting, and even embarrassing at times. This, my friends, is taking allergic reactions to the next level; welcome to Sinusitis.

Causes of Sinus Problem:

Many people are diagnosed with Sinusitis every day. Numerous things can cause sinusitis or sinus problems:

  • Allergies,
  • Deviated septums,
  • Facial trauma,
  • Sudden temperature changes,
  • Gum or tooth infections,
  • Nasal polyps,
  • Hay fever,
  • Respiratory irritations or infections,
  • Or dust and irritants in the air.
  • There are even immune cells, Eosinophils that cause sinus inflammation!

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveyed the Health Statistics for U.S. Adults over the age of eighteen (18). They found that 28.5 million people in the United States were diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis? This is an outrage! Just kidding, but it really is something to think about. These numbers are very staggering, and please remember these are just the people who actually went to the doctor and were diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis.

In this fast-paced world where every second count, we tend to “not have time” for the doctor’s office and stake our claim in the land of stubbornness.


Well, to assist in your stubbornness, here are some easy, simple, and inexpensive ways to assist with your sinus health so they may continue on the stubborn-I’m-too-busy journey with you. Please do your research and at least let your doctor know, which only takes a phone call, what you are considering. Not all of these options will work for one single person. We are all very different inside and out, so be sure to try different ideas and see what benefits you the most.

Ten Inexpensive Solutions For Sinus Problems:

Many of these solutions for sinus problems listed below are safe for children, too but be sure to check with your doctor and follow the directions on dosage. Oh, and please remember if you are pregnant, you are now two people, so be sure to check with your doctor.

1. Nasal Saline Irrigators or better known as Neti Pots:

They sure are not pleasant to think about, but with all-natural ingredients, it is so easy to keep your sinuses clean. Your cilia, those tiny itty bitty nodules or ‘hairs’ inside your sinuses, will love you! The Neti Pot can be used in the shower, at any sink, even outside if you must. Since to use it, it is easy enough just mix salt with water and gently pour in one nostril and out it comes through the other! These are very inexpensive, excellent little tools that everyone can benefit from. You can typically find these at any neighborhood pharmacy. The only side effect could possibly be a little nasal irritation if you mix too vigorously.

2. Goldenseal:

This is an herb that is starting to gain popularity for its antibiotic attributes. It is totally natural, boosts your immune system, and is antimicrobial, which means it can inhibit or even stop harmful microbes (germs) from growing. Goldenseal is usually found in pill form due to its bitter flavor. It isn’t too hard to find and is priced very gently.

3. Invest in a Humidifier:

Humidifiers are a much-needed addition to your household, office, or work area. When the air around you is too dry, your sinuses pay the price. They will not work correctly; the result is comparable to dehydration. Humidifiers can loosen mucus from your wall linings and act much like a lubricant. This option may be a bit higher in price than the others on this list; however, they last for a very long time. The only downfall is replacing filters; however, there are now filter-free humidifiers. The price of a humidifier is much less than a doctor’s appointment.

4. Fish Oil:

You can eat it, drink it, or pill it! All of these options are inexpensive and known to decrease inflammation. Fish oil in excessive amounts, anything over the recommended dosage, can cause side effects such as bleeding or diarrhea. So follow the rules on this one!

5. Water:

Drink water. How easy is this? Being hydrated can assist your body in so many different ways. The most natural way to decrease inflammation, stabilize moisture in your sinus cavities, and make you all-around better! And the best thing is… it is available EVERYWHERE, and usually free.

6. Cayenne Pepper:

An herb unlike any other herb before. This herb is the mother of all herbs; the benefits of this herb are incredible. Anti-inflammatory for your troubled sinuses, helps sore throats, fever, and it can also be used as part of a detoxifying program. There are recipes online for cayenne pepper teas, meals, and you can even get this herb in pill form. This wonderful little blessing can be purchased at any grocery store for just a few dollars.

7. Less Dairy:

Some studies have shown that eating and drinking dairy products will increase mucus. Some studies have shown that dairy products won’t increase mucus. This will be a personal observation on your part since no one seems to agree. Limiting your dairy product intake could possibly assist in quicker healing. Your wallet will, for sure, feel more decadent if you take this route. Try it and be your own judge.

8. Horseradish Root:

Horseradish… either you love it or hate it. In this case, you’ll love it! This root can clear your nasal passages and improve the circulation inside them. As with the cayenne pepper, you can have this as a tea, an addition to your meal, and also as aromatherapy. Inexpensive when compared to a doctor’s invoice. However, it is not as easy to find. You may have to search a few grocery stores to get it; best bet, search online to find your best price.

9. Aromatherapy:

Some people may scoff at this, but after researching this a little further, you may find that peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, even lavender can assist with opening your nasal passages. And in the meantime, give you a sense of calm and a little relaxation too! There are many ways to utilize aromatherapy, such as using a diffuser, steam it up, adding a humidifier, air fresheners, etc. All of these options lead you to choose how much you’d like to spend on them.

10. Air Purifier:

Air purifiers are very much appreciated machines. These dudes are exceptional when it comes to cleaning our air. There are so many germs, pollutants, dust, and toxins in the air we breathe; it is no wonder we deal with sinus issues daily. Air purifiers can be purchased in many different varieties, from looks to how detailed the filters are. This is probably one of the most expensive solutions for sinus problems on my list, but well worth it. You will enjoy the benefits for years.

Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/series/sr_10/sr10_260.pdf

Image by StewartENT from Pixabay

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