Is It Possible to Rejuvenate Blood Vessels From Aging

What is the condition of the aging of blood vessels and is it possible to rejuvenate blood vessels from aging? Have you ever heard the word “vascular age”? It is a natural providence that humans age as they grow older, but it is known that blood vessels age as well.

What does it mean for blood vessels to get older (Aging of Blood Vessels)?

Aging of the skin and hair is easy to notice because it is a change that is easy to understand, but the state of “aging of blood vessels” is not usually visible, and it is difficult to realize it.

What is the condition of aging blood vessels?

In the first place, skin and hair aging is also caused by the accumulation of damage to skin cells and hair cells. There are various causes of damage, but the leading causes are considered to be external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, temperature and dryness, and internal stimuli such as oxidation.

Like skin and hair, blood vessels age as damage accumulates. Since blood vessels are inside the skin, they are challenging to receive external stimuli other than ultraviolet rays that pass through the skin cells. Still, they are significantly damaged from the inside by active oxygen.

The role of blood vessels is to circulate blood smoothly throughout the body and distribute oxygen and nutrients to each cell.

Youngblood vessels are supple and comfortable for blood to flow, but as they age, they lose their elasticity and become harder, making it difficult for blood to flow.

Low blood flow can lead to skin and hair problems, stiff shoulders, back pain, and coldness. Further arteriosclerosis increases the risk of life-threatening “vascular disease” such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

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Cell Structure of Blood Vessels:

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Blood vessels have a cell structure consisting of three layers: adventitia, media, and intima.

  • Adventitia: protects blood vessels.
  • Media: Adjusts the pressure applied to blood vessels
  • Intima: The part that comes into direct contact with blood and comprises a thin layer of fibers and endothelial cells.

Vascular endothelial cells are often talked about with arteriosclerosis. These endothelial cells play an essential role in making it difficult for substances that cause arteriosclerosis to invade blood vessels’ walls and keep blood smooth.

When endothelial cells are damaged over the years, their function naturally declines. However, in recent years, it has to convert clear that improving lifestyle habits, including eating habits, restores the function of endothelial cells, and rejuvenate blood vessels from aging.

It is also said that the aging of the body begins with the aging of blood vessels. Even if the blood pressure is normal; if the blood vessels have clogs because of arteriosclerosis or oxidative stress; oxygen and nutrients will not reach the body’s cells, resulting in a dry state.

For example, male dysfunction (ED, etc.), dry skin and wrinkles on the skin, stiff shoulders on the shoulders, and hair loss. The blockage of blood vessels, such as the heart and brain, can lead to life-threatening illnesses. To Rejuvenate blood vessels from aging is vital not only to keep your body youthful but also to stay healthy forever.

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How to rejuvenate blood vessels from aging?

So what exactly should you do to rejuvenate blood vessels from aging?

There are two causes of aging of blood vessels: “arteriosclerosis due to active oxygen” and “lack of exercise.”

By improving these, it is possible to prevent the aging of blood vessels and rejuvenate.

  • Review your eating habits
  • Ingest antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, and β-carotene
  • Do moderate exercise

Review your eating habits to Rejuvenate Blood Vessels From Aging

First of all, be aware of “reducing salt content / discharging excess salt content” and “eating blue fish” in your daily diet. Not only does salt itself damage blood vessels, Super Vidalista, but too much salt can increase blood pressure, damage vascular endothelial cells, and reduce their function.

So it’s a good idea not only to eat less salt but also to eat potassium-rich foods that excrete excess salt in your body.

  • Foods with a lot of salt
  • Seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, miso, cod roe, salted fish, pickles, etc. 
  • Foods that emit salt
  • Soybeans, vegetables, seaweed, moroheiya, etc.

Soybeans and vegetables contain not only potassium, which helps eliminate excess salt but also soy isoflavones, vitamins C and E, which have antioxidant effects, which are described later.

The high-quality protein in fish promotes the metabolism of endothelial cells and strengthens blood vessels. Also, blue fish such as sardines and horse mackerel contain not only protein but also DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). These fatty acids work to soften red blood cells, reduce blood viscosity, prevent arteriosclerosis, and facilitate blood flow.

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Ingest antioxidants to Rejuvenate Blood Vessels From Aging:

Ingest antioxidants being vitamins C and E, beta carotene, and soy products

Vitamins C and E are well-known as antioxidant substances that contain in cosmetics. These vitamins suppress the action of active oxygen and stop the aging of blood vessels. Also, substances that work in the same way include β-carotene, soy isoflavones, and soy saponins. It is best to take it from food, but it is also useful to supplement the shortage.

Recommended foods are tomatoes and pumpkins. Tomatoes have more vitamins C and E, and red pigments and lycopene also have antioxidant properties. Pumpkin is rich in β-carotene, as well as other vitamins and potassium. These ingredients have also been shown to increase absorption when taken with oil, stir-fried, or salads.

Also, soy products such as natto and tofu contain soy isoflavones and soy saponins. These ingredients have antioxidant properties, and like vitamins C and E, they prevent the aging of blood vessels and make blood smooth. Also, the component called nattokinase contained in natto works on fibrin, which is the main component of blood clots and has the effect of dissolving the blood clots.

Do moderate exercise to Rejuvenate Blood Vessels From Aging

You must do moderate exercise to rejuvenate blood vessels from aging. You don’t need to do any special training; walk for about 10 minutes every day to activate the endothelial cells, widen the blood vessels, and make it easier for blood to flow. You can use cars and escalators a little less frequently and walk aggressively or go up and downstairs.

Also, blood vessels have the property of becoming soft when stretched vertically. Therefore, you can again try your body during work or between household chores to soften your blood vessels and, at the same time, loosen your stiff muscles. When stretching softens blood vessels and improves blood flow, tack Super P Force a component called “prostacyclin” is released from blood vessels’ walls, making the blood smooth.

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Blood vessel stretching

Blood vessel stretches the following ways.

  • Open both legs to shoulder width.
  • Keep your face facing forward and your heels on the floor.
  • Open the fingers of both hands firmly in the shape of a “par” and raise them to hurray.
  • Do it slowly so as not to stop breathing.
  • Relax and relax

Repeat this three times in about 20 seconds for a total of about 1 minute. For those who are used to it and can afford it, it is more effective to do the following stretches.

  • After raising both hands in the shape of hurray, fold both hands.
  • Slowly lie down and stretch.

This movement takes about 15 seconds each time and you must perform twice on each side for about 1 minute. Do it slowly so that you can stretch your muscles and never move fast.

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Let’s be careful about such habits and illnesses!

To rejuvenate blood vessels from aging, you must avoid some habits. these habits that make blood vessels more susceptible to aging include:

  • Eating too fast
  • I like meat and fried food.
  • I don’t eat many vegetables and fish.
  • There are many single dishes, such as rice bowls, curry, pasta, and ramen.
  • Eating out a lot
  • I like instant foods and snacks
  • Drink alcohol every day
  • Doesn’t move much in everyday life
  • I don’t have a habit of exercising
  • Always busy and lacking sleep
  • Frustrating and stressful
  • Smoking

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, reviewing your diet and exercise habits is essential to rejuvenate blood vessels from aging. Also, avoid malnutrition due to single dishes, eating out, ready-to-eat foods and snack foods, and damage to cells due to lack of sleep and stress, as blood vessels will age. Finding a good night’s sleep and stress relief is also essential.

Also, smoking increases active oxygen and not only causes oxidative damage to the vascular endothelial cells themselves but also promotes the oxidation of lipids that damage the vascular endothelial cells. Therefore, if you have the nature of smoking and other blood vessels prone to aging, try to quit smoking as much as possible.

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Yes! It’s possible. You can rejuvenate blood vessels from aging. Get healthy habit of not aging your blood vessels.

You can rejuvenate blood vessels from aging through eating habits, exercise habits, and smoking cessation. Refrain from salt and actively take vitamins C and E and soy isoflavones, which have antioxidant effects. Also, make a habit of exercising by walking for about 10 to 30 minutes every day to improve blood flow.

Daily lifestyle is essential to prevent blood vessels from aging. Let’s make a habit to rejuvene blood vessels without aging them so that you can stay healthy and young forever!

Supervision: Solaria Clinic Group Special Advisor, Urologist, Instructor, Doctor of Medicine Shoji Koga.

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