Kareo EHR Vs Practice Fusion: Which One Is Right For You?

What is better, Kareo EHR vs Practice Fusion software? Nowadays, medical professionals have to make sure they opt for the health recording solution that perfectly meets the need criteria for their practice.

We have put together this article to present you with a comprehensive comparison of these two EMR applications down to the exact details of their offerings so you can choose the most suitable EHR system.

We will compare their key features, pricing details, user reviews, support options, and more to help you make a wise decision. But before going into that, we recommend you get a coherent understanding of your unique workflow patterns and the problems you want to target after your EHR implementation.

Kareo EHR vs Practice Fusion

Kareo and Practice Fusion are two of the most popular EHR solutions we have on the market, which is why choosing between the two seems a bit of a challenge.

If you are also having a hard time deciding between these two, then look no further. This article will be all about Kareo vs. Practice Fusion regarding user reviews, features, and pricing.

Overview of top features Kareo

1. E-Prescription to Ensure Patient Safety

One of the most valuable aspects attributed to Kareo EHR software is its e-prescribing feature that helps users a great deal with time management. They can easily avoid unnecessary calls regarding ordering prescriptions.

It also allows providers to order medicines and send prescriptions to their patients efficiently. This way, they don’t have to visit the clinic to receive prescriptions.

2. Integrated Patient Portal for Better Patient Engagement

A software that offers an integrated patient portal lets its patients improve patient engagement drastically. This software solution is also designed to provide the same benefit as it allows patients to connect and communicate with their providers at all times.

The patient portal feature of Kareo has been of great use during this pandemic because the pandemic limited social contact, and people were hesitant to visit practices. It proved very useful for remote communication between patients and healthcare providers.

3. Charting to Achieve Convenience

Another highly praised aspect of Kareo is its charting module. Based on top Kareo EHR reviews, it has made charting extremely easy and fast.

Clinical staff can also share charts with other healthcare professionals regardless of their EHR system. Kareo ensures better efficiency and interoperability.

4. Appointment Management for Maximum Efficiency

Having a proper framework that automates the process of scheduling is always a plus-plus. Kareo helps users with this and automates the appointment scheduling process to let providers spend their time improving patient care.

This also allows users to significantly reduce no-shows, enhancing efficiency and daily practice revenue.

5. Secure Messaging to Stay Connected

This messaging functionality of Kareo ensures secure intra-messaging where physicians can easily message anyone within the facility, for example, a representative from the revenue management team.

This allows users to stay on the same page for most things and improve collective efficiency. You can also explore this feature during the Kareo EHR demo.

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Overview of top features Practice Fusion

1. Billing and Invoicing for Quicker Payments

The robust medical billing solutions by Practice Fusion reduce your denial rate significantly. It allows patients to update payment information and receive billing statements, while the clinical staff can generate superbills by automatically extracting information from chart notes.

Moreover, it can help users verify insurance providers and scrub claims of any error before submission.

2. Practice Administration to Improve Efficiency

Efficient practice administration is of pivotal importance for any healthcare facility. Practice fusion takes this task off the plate of its users by consolidating tasks and custom reports and referring patients electronically with their complete health records.

Not only this, it makes sure users can communicate using secure messages to fulfill Meaningful Use standards.

3. Charting for Ease

The comprehensive charting feature by Practice Fusion offers automatic favorite lists and specialty-specific templates to let physicians search for diagnosis codes by keywords to monitor a patient’s treatment progress and track health data over time.

4. Patient Portal to Support Patient Engagement

Practice Fusion offers a powerful patient portal that lets patients access their medical information and view lab results at any time. They can also get help from population health information and education materials to better understand their health and treatment.

Most importantly, patients can actively participate throughout their care process.

5. E-Prescribing to Prescribe Medications Quickly

E-prescribing plays a significant role when it comes to enhancing patient safety. Practice Fusion’s e-prescribing feature lets users order and send prescriptions and electronically manage pharmacy communication and medical orders.

This feature also comes with a two-click prescription refill tool that takes care of refill requests for any recurring medications.

Implementation and installation – Kareo EHR vs Practice Fusion

  • Kareo EHR software offers an easy-to-use EHR system that comes at an affordable price. This software has a simple easy to navigate user interface. The vendor makes the implementation process so seamless for the medical staff that they only have to worry about providing care and not maintaining the EHR.
  • On the other hand, Practice Fusion is a cloud-based system that is hosted on secure servers. Its pricing is set quite reasonably, and it is one of the most accessible tools to use.

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Vendor support – Kareo EHR vs Practice Fusion

  • Kareo offers excellent customer support. It offers its users’ phone, email, and website help options.
  • Users also love practice Fusion for its award-winning customer service and responsive support.

Pricing – Kareo EHR vs Practice Fusion

  • Kareo offers two pricing plans for users – Non-Physician Provider that costs $150 per non-physician provider per month and Physician Provider that comes at $300 per provider per month. It does not offer a free trial.
  • Practice Fusion pricing plan starts at $99.00 per feature per month. Also, it offers a free trial.

Which One’s the Best for Your Practice?

Choosing between two popular EHR solutions known for their ability to boost operational efficiency and practice revenue is not easy.

So, the only way you can make a decision is by being sure about the problems you want to fix, your practice’s unique needs, and your expectations from implementing an EHR system.

Kareo EHR vs Practice Fusion – both offer some very nice features, have positive user reviews, and come at affordable pricing plans. If you want a software solution to optimize your practice efficiency, then any one of the two can work for you.


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