Diabetes Life Expectancy – Type 1 and Type 2 Life Expectancy

Various factors influence the life expectancy of a person. The living condition of the person, socioeconomic status, and lifestyle also determines the life expectancy. Then there is a general life expectancy level in a country that depends on its development and economic condition.

Diabetes And life expectancy

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It is also essential to understand the health status of a particular person. A healthy male or female is expected to live a longer life if there is no unfortunate incident in life.

On the other hand, a male or female with some medical problems becomes vulnerable to other health issues.

A diabetic person, for example, suffers from poor blood circulation due to damage to blood vessels.

Diabetes also creates heart, kidney, and liver issues, if left unchecked.

Such a person in any social, economic condition is expected to die before the average life expectancy of the country.

Unchecked Diabetes condition hastens the demise

It has been confirmed in a study published in a report titled Diabetes UK 2010 that the life expectancy of males or females with diabetes is shorter than average life expectancy. The difference can be as high as ten years in some cases.

The difference is high in people with type 1 diabetes, who traditionally have a shorter life span. In type 1 diabetes, the difference between average life expectancy and the actual life of a person can be 20 years.

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Complications in diabetic condition – factors responsible for shorter life expectancy

Damage to blood vessels

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Unchecked or untreated diabetes increases the chances of a host of health issues. Diabetes damages blood vessels, which reduces blood circulation in the body. It puts stress on the heart leading to a weaker heart. The less blood circulation affects the health of the heart, as it has to work more to pump to keep the expected rate of blood circulation in the body. The direct impact is visible in erection weakness in the male.

The reduction in blood makes it difficult to have a normal erection. The condition deteriorates gradually until it becomes challenging to maintain and sustain the erection. It starts affecting the mental and emotional health of the person with diabetes. The solution is to use a higher dose of Levitra 60 mg doses, which doctors of healthcare pharmacy .com prescribe when lower does not work. 

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High blood pressure

High blood pressure and high cholesterol issues combine to reduce blood circulation further in a diabetic person. It damages the organ-like kidneys, eyes, and nerves.

Damage to vital body organs

Diabetes damages kidney blood vessels. It leads to kidney failures. The dialysis process only delays the ultimate event. It never enables the patient to recover fully from the kidney malfunction. The risk factor for early premature death increases correspondingly.

Heart stroke risk

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Medical observations have shown that 2/3 of people with diabetes die from heatstroke.

Diabetes is not the only disease or lifestyle disease a diabetic person faces. It comes with high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol problems, and vision risk.

The combination of these diseases increases the risk of multiple body failure.

Kidney failure

Diabetes is behind 40 percent of kidney failure cases in the United States. The risk is for both type 1 diabetes and types 2 diabetes cases. Doctors suggest regularly checking urine protein to know the first sign of kidney failure.

Note signs of risk of diabetes

Regular medical checkups will keep you aware of Diabetes conditions and its progression. The first sign of conditions caused by diabetes is also an erection problem. If a diabetic male faces some erection issue, it is the first sign of reduced blood circulation. Cholesterol issues reduce space for blood circulation in the body. It is visible in a poor erection. This should prompt the diabetic person to go for comprehensive medical checks.

Change lifestyle and diet to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in blood circulation. For temporary relief, use 200 mg sildenafil, a higher dose for increased blood flow. But a complete lifestyle change with a healthy diet, exercise, and cutting down on junk food will check the deterioration in condition.

Prevention and a healthy lifestyle is the only antidote to prevent diabetes from deterioration. Watch the early signs of diabetes and take the steps after consulting medical experts. Medical observations also show that it is possible to keep diabetes under control with diet change, lead an active life, and take medication.

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